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Despite hypertension being identified as a leading risk factor for stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure and even dementia, it can be difficult for patients to keep up with the need to constantly monitor their hypertension and adjust their medication accordingly. Therefore, constantly monitoring blood pressure via wearable devices is becoming a trend nowadays.

So we created BP Doctor, a true wearable blood pressure monitoring solution in the form of a smartwatch. With the patented inflatable cuff design, powerful algorithm and high accuracy sensor, BP Doctor is capable of making tracking and managing your personal health easier than ever before.

Using the BP Doctor is simple, quick, and definitely less painful than whatever the nurse does to you. It's the most convenient monitor that you simply wear on your wrist and you are always ready to go.

To test you just press a button, hold your hand over your heart, and the cuff will automatically inflate and deflate on its own. When it’s done, you can see a reading of your blood pressure on the screen. If it’s in a healthy range, you’ll see a green circle. If your blood pressure is too high, the border will turn red.

(1) To compare with traditional upper-arm oscillometric machines, BP Doctor has advantages in its size, portability, convenience, data volume, and monitoring frequency that traditional sphygmomanometer cannot assimilate.

(2) And the other “wearable blood pressure smartwatch” on the market tend to provide an estimate of blood pressure through pulse readings (which is not accurate), but BP Doctor takes a more traditional, and accurate route - by miniaturizing the components for traditional oscillometric measurement, using an inflatable cuff within the watch band to take an accurate blood pressure reading. And that makes BP Doctor unique and pioneer in the industry.

The design of BP Doctor involved more than 30 new patents relating to its miniaturised pumps, valves and chips, some of which are no larger than a grain of rice. By miniaturizing the components for traditional oscillometric measurement, BP Doctor is capable of using an inflatable cuff within the watch band to take an accurate blood pressure reading just like a regular upper-arm oscillometric machine found in a doctor's surgery.

Underneath the strap is a cuff that inflates to measure systolic and diastolic pressure via the oscillometric method. Basically, it’s the same technique used at your doctor’s office where they strap and inflate a cuff on your arm, except much smaller. 

Basically, BP Doctor has no difference in measuring method and data accuracy compared to the traditional upper-arm medical blood pressure monitor. Except it's much smaller, convenient and comprehensive in use.

Video of BP Doctor's built-in tech and how to use

In this video, we wanted to demonstrate how to use a BP Doctor to measure blood pressure. Also, we made a few comparisons with the traditional oscillometric monitor that is frequently used by clinics and hospitals. You can see the high-resolution results below if it's hard for you to recognize the vital sign reading in the video.

Result of the first measurement
                                      BP Doctor    vs    Omron    
Systolic Pressure -       130                        128
Diastolic Pressure -       73                          73
Heart Rate -                     63                          63

In the first test, we measured the sample's blood pressure and heart rate in a calm state (which is what we recommended) so you can see the difference between each result are just slightly different.


Result of the second measurement
                                      BP Doctor    vs    Omron    
Systolic Pressure -       145                        144
Diastolic Pressure -       74                          69
Heart Rate -                     83                          81

In the second test, Jonathan did some squats and push-ups to raise his heart rate (which reflects in results), so there is a small fluctuation in the data. but overall it's still very accurate.

In Conclusion - in both active and calm states, BP Doctor can measure blood pressure and heart rate accurately. However, we do recommend taking a blood pressure test under a calm state and follow the instruction carefully to hold the device up over heart, approximately five centimeters from your chest.When you consider that blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day, a single point of reading in a doctor's office or pharmacy doesn’t really reflect your overall health. Providing a way for people with hypertension to continuously, easily and accurately monitor how their lifestyle affects their readings, can impact so many lives. Instead of merely checking, we keep monitoring.

The data is then synced to our app, which gives you insightful reporting, including high pressure, low pressure, and pulse. You can store your data to track trends, and understand at what times your blood pressure rises or falls. This enables you to develop a treatment plan or check the treatment plan based on the current trend.

Our APP also providing a way for people can easily and accurately monitor how their lifestyle affects their readings may change the rules of the game. Also it gives you the ability and information to change your heart health, your lifestyle, and your future. We're powering the movement with a comprehensive range of monitors.


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the time difference between each successive heartbeat, also known as "R-R intervals variation". To put it simply, everyone's heartbeat rhythm changes with physical conditions, not as regular as a beat machine. For example, a person's resting heartbeat is about 60 beats per minute, but the interval between beats is actually different (ie, this time is 0.9 seconds apart, and then the next time can be 1.1 seconds apart, instead of a full second every time). By analyzing the differences when the heart beats each time and having timely access to health information, HRV can be used for stress recovery. Studies have shown that heart rate variability can detect coronary heart disease, hypertension, and heart failure. In particular, the prognosis of cardiovascular disease will continue and should be monitored. Controlling the changes in the heart may prevent the recurrence of deterioration.

BP Doctor can estimate whether a person is under the risk of having sinus heart rate, arrhythmias or risk of other heart diseases from its heart rate variability (HRV) analysis through multiple dimensions for your health improvement and performance optimization.

Wake up in the morning and review your HRV score with your BP Doctor smartwatch. Read the full details of the heart health index in the app. Determine your body’s readiness for fitness and optimize your fitness training intensity.

Please Note: HRV analysis will only take place at night (from midnight to 7 am) to ensure data accuracy. 

Please note that HRV Add-on ($50) only available for the perk of BP Doctor PRO. 

In recent years, clinicians have become increasingly interested in measuring heart rate variability (HRV) for a variety of purposes. An elegant method to assess HRV is through Lorenz Plot Analysis — a two-dimensional scatter plot of successive intervals verses immediately preceding RR intervals.

Read the SCIENCE BEHIND BP Doctor's Lorenz Plot Analysis

Part of the HRV analysis is a review of your daily heart rate. With a high accuracy sensor and advanced algorithms, BP Doctor is able to provide a comprehensive risk analysis of your heart health.  


We spend approximately 1/3 of our lifetime in bed. Thus, It's significantly important for us to understand our night’s sleep.

By measuring the length of your sleep, the quality of your sleep, and heart rate during sleep, BP Doctor works to maximize your recovery.

Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated by getting a great night's sleep. BP Doctor gently wakes you up gently with its adjustable vibration alarm in the morning.

Understanding all the ways you move throughout the day is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. BP Doctor helps you to achieve your daily fitness goals with a variety of metrics, such as heart rate zones, regeneration status, goals and many more...

To make your training effective, you should aim to get your heart rate up to a certain level during exercise—and keep it there. These ranges are commonly known as heart rate zones, and they have different potential benefits for your workout, whether you are measuring heart rates (bpm), distance, steps, or calories burned. BP Doctor can smartly identify your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate through your daily activities and assist your workouts based on your instant heart rate.  


Monitoring your oxygen levels while working out can help you make adjustments to your intensity or exercises, allowing you to equalize oxygen flow throughout your workout session. Likewise, BP Doctor can monitor your oxygen level regardless of your workout environment.

BP Doctor recognizes when you’re running and automatically starts the pace count, track your time spend to optimize your running workout.  All you have to do is switch to run mode and lace-up.

Every move takes you forward. BP Doctor helps you to better track your daily activity. Using a verity of features, it helps you to create goals, track workout, optimize your efforts and stay motivated.

In addition to providing a comprehensive set of health and fitness functions, BP Doctor also comes with useful tools to improve your everyday life.