Cortadora y grabadora láser doméstica potente de 12W asequible

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With engraving power of 12W and a self R&D motion chip, this desktop laser engraver and cutter is the fastest, most precise the world has ever seen. Not only is it fast, but it’s conveniently lightweight and compact too. With a 2.8-inch touch screen control system, you won’t have to connect to any other devices.



 Lightning-Fast And Laser-Targeted

Thanks to a fixed focal laser, this desktop laser engraver is three times faster than any regular laser used on stainless steel. This is because we’ve used an innovative facula condensation technique with a much higher energy density than before.


Engrave On Any Surface With Ease

Suitable surfaces include: Stainless steel, plastic, wood, real and synthetic leather, animal bone, painted surfaces, fruits among other foods, and beyond. You can create precise, delicate engravings of any style with ease



Precise Laser Cutting Made Practical

You can cut everything from leather topaper, acrylic, wooden boards, and even non-woven fabrics. When used correctly, this desktop laser engraver and cutter will make sure that you can achieve clean, precise cuts every time


Controlled With A Touch

Thanks to its 2.8” touchscreen, this desktop laser engraver and cutter can be adjusted and controlled with confidence. It’s innovative, intuitive, and super easy to use and control. Not only does this innovationnot need any additional devices or connections


Real-Time Accuracy With Easy Engraver

Instead of using the GRBL open-source scheme, this desktop laser engraver uses the Easy Engrave system that our team has spent countless hours researching and developing. By combining a motion control algorithm with an ARM 32-Bit chip


Sensational Stability

This device ensures precise laser cutting and the ability to engrave on any surface thanks to its incredible stability. This is achieved by combining an aluminum and steel full-metal body with a solid, wide-body track design


Engrave As Much As You Need

More efficient batch engraving capabilities thanks to its intelligent zoning function. When this feature is enabled while engraving various patterns, the laser knows to skip blanks areas and engrave patterns independently


 Two Positioning Methods

There are two ways of frame position and physical copy positioning, frame positioning is center positioning, positioning at any point. Adjust the items according to this point. The physical copy positioning method uses a cross red light positioning lamp to project a cross red marking line, and adjust the position of the item according to this marking line


Rotating Engraving Support

This device uses an external rotating forth axis to gain essential engraving support on any surface. This supports the desktop laser engraver and cutter in a more effective and natural way to ensure higher-quality, faster, and more efficient engraving and cutting performance


Limitless Engraving Area

A maximum engraving area of around 21 to 30 cm, the size limit for the objects being engraved doesn’t exist! This means that you as the user won’t be limited by smaller engraving sizes that won’t allow you to accurately bringyour vision to life


Supports Almost Any System And Format

We clearly value versatility more than anything! Not only can you use your desktop laser engraver and cutter on almost any material, but you can also connect it to a wide variety of other systems and devices



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